The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Wellbeing in the Workplace Online Session

Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service (LMWS) is running a Wellbeing in the Workplace session online for our staff. 

Thursday 25th February, at 1pm

The session is a maximum of 2.5 hours with breaks and time for questions

What is this session?

Changes to the way we work and the increased pressures we are all facing means we are now more likely to experience strain on our mental wellbeing in the workplace. This session will be teaching you about your mental wellbeing in the workplace, and ways to manage it better. It is delivered by qualified psychological wellbeing practitioners, and is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) self-help techniques, an effective therapy for treating anxiety, stress and depression symptoms.

The session broadly covers:

-          Understanding stress and the impact of work

-          Relaxation techniques

-          Managing worry

-          Understanding and controlling negative thoughts

-          Overcoming sleep problems

-          Problem solving our practical issues

-          Positive lifestyle choices to help reduce stress

-          How and where to access further information, support, or therapy if felt needed

It is not a session to help with individual problems or workplace issues, although we will share information on where to find further support. 

How does it work?

The session is run as a Live Event webinar on Microsoft Teams and is completely confidential yet interactive. Your camera and mic are disabled automatically during the session, but we encourage you to interact with the practitioners through a live chat throughout (in which you can choose to input a first name, initial, or remain anonymous).

How do I sign up?

To book a place, please complete the attached form and email this to by Monday 22nd February (it should only take a few minutes – it looks long but they are largely tick box questions). You will receive an email to the email address provided on the form on the day of the session with instructions for joining, and an attached workbook to help you put your new skills into practice.


For more information about the questionnaires, data collection and confidentiality, please see the attached document ‘Questionnaire Information Sheet’.