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Cycle to Work


Faster, healthier, cheaper... the benefits of commuting to work by bike really do add up. It’s never been more affordable for staff to purchase bikes through this government backed initiative!

Bikes can be sourced through local bike shops or by mail order – please contact Bikes for the NHS for a list of participating bike shops.

If you have any queries please contact Bikes for the NHS part of Vivup by email at: or by phone: 01252 784540.

When looking for our Trust on the Vivup site it is under ‘The Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust’.

The cap for the cycle to work scheme has now been increased to £4000 (depending on employment / minimum wage checks).

Purchase your bike in 4 simple steps.

1 Choose your bike

Bikes can be sourced through local bike shops or by mail order. Order online or alternatively, visit a local participating bike shop to obtain a quote and then apply. You can contact Vivup for an up to date list of participating bike shops on email

2 Place your order

To complete your order complete online on the Vivup portal at Either simply select your bike online and add to your order or if you have visited a local participating bike shop, enter your bike quote to create an order.

3 Employer approval

Your employer will review your order once submitted. Upon authorisation the order will be processed.

4 Receive your bike

You will be contacted to arrange collection or home delivery of your bike. Happy cycling!

If the window of opportunity to apply for a bike is not currently open, you can register your details with who will email you with dates the portal will re-open for applications.

Please be aware if you leave the Trust during your salary sacrifice agreement any monies still owed will be taken where possible from your final salary and you will be invoiced for any balance.

NHS pension - The effect on pensions will vary depending on your personal circumstances and the NHS pension scheme you are in. As your salary is reduced by the value of your monthly deduction your pension contributions and level of earnings will also be lower. Employees who contribute to the 2015 Scheme will build up their pension benefits on a year by year basis. Entering into any salary sacrifice arrangement that reduces gross pensionable pay will have a negative impact on the amount of pension built up in that scheme year.

If you are concerned you should seek advice from an independent financial adviser or Sharon Russell, pensions officer for the Trust.

If you have any queries please contact Vivup by calling: 01252 784 540

For more information please email the health and wellbeing team on:

Cycle Rack Storage Facilities around the Trust