The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust



As a Trust our aim is to encourage staff to walk more and travel to work by foot.

We offer support and promote walking through engagement initiatives and challenges.

We are working with Living Streets, to encourage our staff to build walking into their journey to and from work.

Walking has physical and psychological benefits, reduces the risk of preventable diseases and can free up headspace, inspire creativity, and ease feelings of stress.  It can help staff save money on parking, fares and fuel costs, and contribute to improved air quality.

More information about the work Living Streets are doing can be found here.


We promote 1 mile walks around each of the Trust sites and we have developed walking packs which contains a route plan of each hospital site in Leeds and information on the benefits of walking daily.

Walking Packs can be collected from the Staff Health & Wellbeing office, 1st Floor, Trust HQ or can be down loaded here:



You can plan your walk to work or for social walking using the following links: