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Staff Psychological Support

Psychological Support

The clinical psychology department are sending a weekly Trustwide Pause Button email with helpful information and tips about supporting our psychological wellbeing.

There are a range of options to access 1:1 psychological support: 0800 174319

There are also some great websites with information about services providing psychological support (telephone and virtual) for NHS staff as well as self-help material:

Other sources of support are outlined on the COVID-19 Staff Wellbeing page:

After the Storm: Looking after yourself 

The first wave is over but life has yet to return to normal. Many of us are now beginning to take stock of what has happened to us over the last several months and to reflect on the personal and professional impact it has had.
Now is a particularly important time to pay attention to our own wellbeing. Sometimes we may need to make little adjustments in the way we cope. Click here for help in recognising when we need extra help and accessing support available.

Project5 - Free Mental Health/Wellbeing Service for Healthcare Workers

Project5 adds extra and vital psychological support to the NHS, offering FREE 1-2-1 sessions with wellbeing specialists.

These sessions are available now (in the wake of COVID19) and into the future, offering the NHS a sustained level of extra capacity.

Project5 is the only independent wellbeing service to be supported by the NHS that offers free 1-2-1 support sessions for anyone in the NHS.

NHS people now have the choice to use either their own wellbeing services or to use Project5, an autonomous service outside of the NHS.

The NHS and Project5 believe that it does not matter where people go if they need the help, it is just important that they do access support, but it has to be at the appropriate level of need and provided for by suitably qualified staff. 

Project5 only onboards highly trained, verified professionals. This gives the NHS confidence that they are supporting a service run by qualified and competent specialists.

Project5 pledges to support the NHS now, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and into the future. This is a sustainable offering. It can do this because of the way Project5 has been set up (as a rapid-learning evidence-based model). This means the system can rapidly learn and implement service changes according to the changing needs of the NHS. 

This launch coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week (18-25 May) and highlights how important it is to get the right help as early as possible. Many people, who are resilient and capable feel that they can carry on without getting help but, psychologically, this leads to early burn out and long-term psychological issues. Project5 is offering a service that aims to help NHS staff access help they need as early as possible.

The NHS has placed Project5 on its support services and access to therapy site, driving traffic to Project5's booking system at and here on the NHS website,

Places to contact in crisis

Whilst the Trust offers individual therapy and support for psychological difficulty surrounding your health condition, it may be that you are experiencing significant immediate distress that poses a risk to your safety (including thoughts of harming yourself or ending your life). If you have these concerns then there are several places you can contact. The information below is NOT a substitute for proper diagnosis, treatment or the provision of advice by an appropriate health professional.


You can contact your GP if you are concerned about your mental health, and feel at risk of harming yourself. Your GP will be able to get you in contact with additional support services if necessary. Your GP may also discuss potential medications to help with your mood or review existing medications.


Samaritans offer a completely confidential, non-advice support service to help people talk through their concerns, worries and troubles. Samaritans is available to anyone 24/7, however distressed. You do not have to be suicidal to contact the Samaritans.(tel: 116 123, e-mail:

Local Single Point of Access (SPA)

This is a community service that receives self-referrals and those from other professionals involved in your care (from hospital or community). The Single Point of Access offers an initial assessment of a person’s mental health needs, sign-posting them to the appropriate service. This is a useful number to ring if you feel as though you are experiencing a crisis in mental health or frequent and severe suicidal thoughts. This is also a useful number to ring if you have had previous involvement with your local community mental health team and you are feeling unsafe. Each locality in West Yorkshire has a different contact phone number:

Leeds: 0300 3001485

Kirklees and Calderdale: 01924 316830

Wakefield: 01924 316900

Bradford (first response) (Covers Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven): 01274 221181 

York: 01904 526582

Hull: 01482 301701


999 + Local Accident & Emergency departments:

If you are feeling severely distressed and have plans to end your life or have already taken action to do so, your local A&E is often the most appropriate place to contact.  

If you are receiving input from a Clinical Psychologist or Counsellor within the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology and experience suicidal thoughts then they will assist you in determining the appropriate level of support, either alongside or as an alternative to therapy.  


Employee Assistance Programme- Care First

Care first offer staff a confidential free phone 24/7 counselling helpline where you can call any time of day, any day of the year and access immediate in the moment support from an accredited and professionally trained UK based counsellor. The support is completely confidential and you can access help by calling 0800 174 319 free from UK mobile and landlines. You can contact the Care first service as many times as you need for in the moment support.