The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Emergency dentists in Leeds

If you need dental treatment in an emergency

  • call your dentist: some practices offer appointments at short notice
  • if you don't have a dentist, find one using NHS 111
  • look up urgent care services that provide dental treatment

If you need to see a dentist out of hours

  • call your dentist: their answerphone may advise where to get out-of-hours treatment
  • call NHS 111 to find an out-of-hours dental service near you

Don't contact your GP, as they won't be able to offer emergency or out-of-hours dental care.

If you're in pain while waiting to see a dentist, take painkillers. NHS 111 can also offer other self care advice. 

Emergency Treatment at Leeds Dental Institute 

The Leeds Dental Institute provides training for students who want to become dentists. Part of this training involves treating patients with a variety of dental problems in the Acute Dental Care Department. In this department, patients who are not registered with a dentist but are having difficulties with their teeth may receive emergency treatment. At this time, they may also be assessed for any further treatment needs.

Find the opening times and more information at: Emergency Treatment at Leeds Dental Institute.