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Local support services in Leeds

Please look out for any neighbours, family members or friends, who may need a bit of extra help. Information about local support services in the community including how to heat your home for less and details of support for vulnerable and elderly people in Leeds can be found below.

Age UK Leeds

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, most Age UK Leeds activities have now resumed. All activities have undergone a thorough COVID safety check and follow strict government guidelines.

Age UK Leeds is a local charity working in the community to support older people, their families and carers. We want older people to be valued, to have their voices heard and to enjoy positive, independent lives.

Over 50 staff, supported by up to 80 volunteers work together across the city to provide services a range of services for older people:

  • Independence at Home Services: promoting independence, wellbeing and social inclusion to enable older people to live independently for as long as possible
  • Hospital to Home Services: supporting older people to avoid hospital admissions and enabling them to have a safe discharge from hospital
  • Ageing Well: a range of projects and services which have the general aim of improving the mental and physical wellbeing of older people in Leeds
  • Advocacy: focused on championing the rights of older people, provided in partnership with Advonet
  • Information and Advice: free confidential advice on a wide range of issues including money matters, benefits, social care, consumer issues and form completion
  • Help at Home: providing a range of paid for domestic and social support services, helping older people with everyday tasks in their own homes so they can stay independent for longer.

Age UK is a national network of brand partners whose common aim is “help more people love later life”.

Age UK England, the national organisation, gives advice and support, but every local Age UK is an independent charity managed by a local Board of Trustees.  At Age UK Leeds we raise our own funds to provide the services required within our area and what we raise in Leeds, stays in Leeds.

Age UK Leeds is funded from a variety of sources including the NHS, local authority and charitable trusts. However, like most charities, we also rely on donations and corporate partnerships.

Leeds Directory

The Leeds Directory lists over 1800 organisations and services to assist and support people to live independently the life they want to live. Organisations providing services around the home and garden, personal care or trades are checked and vetted for peace of mind. These providers are marked with a Green Tick.  It even provides information about activities and events.

Making your home energy efficient 

There are schemes and offers available to increase the energy efficiency of your home and save you money. There may be grants and subsidies available for home owners, private tenants and private landlords - some are for the elderly, people with disabilities, long term conditions or those on lower incomes. Find out more about the Affordable Warmth Strategy and support available in Leeds. 

Stay Well HomeBetter Homes Leeds

Better Homes Leeds can provide you with a quote for a replacement boiler at a competitive rate. For more information or phone 0800 5971500 or 0113 8970977   

Stay Well Home Plus Leeds Service 

Need help saving money on energy bills? Contact the Home Plus service for more information or phone 0113 2406009.


CareRepairHome Improvement work 

Care & Repair aim to take the worry out of making changes to your home and finding the support you need to remain independent. This service can include:

  • Information and advice to help you make informed choices about independent living. 
  • a visit to your home to help you decide on what changes you would like to make, from handrails through to installing a wet room to help you bath independently, or even an extension for a level access bathroom.
  • helping you decide on a plan to deal with everything you need to remain independent 
  • ensuring you have contractors and service providers you can trust
  • organising any work for you – making sure you get the right job at the best price
  • helping you check whether help is available toward the cost of any work

Stay Well People2Neighbourhood Network Scheme

These schemes are community based, locally led organisations that help older people live independently and actively participate within their own communities. They provide services that reduce social isolation, provide opportunities for volunteering, act as a "gateway" to advice/ information services, and promote health and wellbeing improving the quality of life for individuals. They are funded by Leeds City Council and other organisations, but are managed and run by the members themselves.

Download the pdf contact list for Neighbourhood Network schemes in Leeds through the Leeds City Council Website.

Stay Well Money2Money Information Service

The Leeds Money Information Centre website brings together all of the organisations and agencies in the city that offer free help and advice on money, debt, budgeting, reducing bills and affordable loans. Make sure you’re getting all the financial help you can by visiting The Money Information Centre for helpful information and advice. The Leeds Community Gambling Service can support you if you are a gambler, or if you are affected by the gambling behaviour of a family member or friend.


Stay Well Food3Meals on Wheels

Leeds City Council runs a Meals on Wheels service which operates every day of the year, delivering hot and nutritious meals to older and more vulnerable people living in their own homes. This service provides tasty, nutritious meals delivered directly to your door and at the same time ensuring a regular visitor checks that you or someone you care about is safe and well. You can have meals as often as you want – one day a week or every day and these can be delivered 365 days a year. You can find out more information about the scheme by visiting the Leeds City Council Webpage for Meals on Wheels or call 0113 247 8577.

Stay Well People2

 Winter Friends

Winter Friends can be found in many organisations. They help older people live independently by informing them about social activities and important services that will help them stay well.

For more information visit the Leeds Directory Helpline website and  search for Winter Friends or call 0113 391 8333. 


Presto offers a range of support for older people to help keep up with the demands of running a home and to live safe and well. ​​​​​​Services include Companionship, Housekeeping and Transport.

Presto is available longer term or to help with short term requirements. Simply choose what type of help you need and a time that suits you and hey presto, the team will get it done. Find out more information by visiting the Leeds City Council Webpage for Presto or call 0113 378 3750.

Leeds Homeshare 

A Homeshare provides support and companionship to an older person who offers affordable accommodation to a sharer, usually a younger person, in return. It’s a flexible arrangement bringing two people together who have a lot to offer. Support can include help with daily tasks such as cleaning, shopping, gardening and getting out and about.

Homeshare is a safe and supported arrangement. You will be carefully matched with a compatible Homesharer and the Homeshare team will provide support throughout the match. There is a fee for Homeshare to cover the cost of running the service. Email  Tel: 0113 3785410 or you can visit the Leeds City Council Webpage on Leeds Homeshare.