The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Meet the Team

We have a number of different staff working in the Children's Emergency Department.  Whilst you are with us, some of the people below may come to see you:

Consultant and Designated Doctors

They see the patients and examine them and order tests. They decide what is wrong and whether patients need to come into hospital or can be allowed to go home.

Senior Sister

The Senior Sister is also known as the unit manager. They have overall responsibility for the department and they manage staff, budgets, and the processes and systems that exist within the unit. They also work clinically in the department providing hands on care to the children attending.

Sisters and Charge Nurses

The Sisters and Charge Nurses assist the Senior Sister in the management of the unit. They also work clinically caring for children who attend the department and are often the person in charge of the department on a shift by shift basis.

Staff Nurses

The staff nurses deliver care to the patients but they can also at times be required to take charge of the department and ensure it runs smoothly.

Nursery Nurses

The nursery nurses are experts in distraction therapy. This is something very important when caring for children who find themselves in a usually very unplanned emergency situation requiring treatments. They also help with tests and treatments for patients.

Clinical Support Workers

The Clinical Support workers provide assistance to the other clinical staff on the unit, doing some tests and administering some treatments. They also use lots of distraction to try to keep children calm and reduce anxiety.

Non Clinical Support Worker

Our non clinical support workers help to make sure patients and families are offered refreshments. They have a big responsibility for keeping the department stocked and clean.