The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest teaching hospitals in the UK. We have an established reputation as a Centre of Excellence for delivering high quality research and innovation at large scale. We have an enviable track record of working with leading industrial and academic partners to deliver internationally acclaimed research and innovation.  

Our scale:
  • We have over 17,500 staff, 950 medical consultants, and an annual turnover of £1.2bn.
  • We serve a population of 5.4m people and treat 1.5m patients each year. 
  • We are one of the largest providers of NHS highly specialised services in England 
  • We are home to the second largest Children’s hospital  and Cancer Hospital in the UK. 
  • Our electronic patient record is integrated across primary, secondary and social care with 2.8 million known patients.  It is accessed  51 million times per month for clinical care providing a rich source of real-world data.
  • We analyse 17,000 blood samples per day in our diagnostic clinical biochemistry laboratories; a rich source for biomarker discovery and validation.
  • We host nationally important National Institute for Health Research infrastructure with a particular focus on industrial partnerships. 
 Our expertise:  
  • We carried out the first double hand transplant in the UK  
  • We are home to a global centre of excellence for Digital Pathology, scanning up to 250,000 clinical samples per year 
  • Our research teams are highly experienced in delivering within the quality framework of an NHS setting. Our research active clinicians work across multiple areas of research interest, with particular focus on: 
          -  Musculoskeletal Disease 
          -  Cardiovascular Disease 
          -  Cancer 
          -  Medical/Surgical technology 
          -  Infectious Disease and antimicrobial resistance 
          -  Artificial Intelligence and service digitisation 
          -  Real World Data  

Our new state of the art Clinical Research Facility (opening early 2019) gives industry and academic partners a unique opportunity to work directly with internationally leading senior NHS clinicians and dedicated highly skilled research delivery staff, in the heart of modern NHS estate with all emergency facilities on site and access to 24-7 senior medical input. 

Our performance:
  • We have recruited over 57,000 patients to clinical trials since 2014.
  • In 17/18 we were the 2nd highest recruiting NHS Trust in the nation for clinical research.
  • We are the top rated NHS Trust for patient recruitment to time and target in commercially sponsored studies.
  • Our partners include large Pharma, SME’s and CRO’s.
  • Our approach to relationship management means you have a single point of contact for all your needs.
  • We give the companies an edge over their competitors by accelerating product development, reducing risk and cost, and help in accessing the NHS market.

To find out more about working with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust contact:

Richard Evans, Research & Innovation Manager (Performance and Industry)