The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Pain Management

Welcome to Leeds Pain And Interventional Neuromodulation Service

Leeds PAIN Service provides a comprehensive range of specialist pain services and is a regional centre looking after patients with long term pain living right across Yorkshire and beyond.

Our highly experienced staff are dedicated to achieving the very best outcomes for patients with long term pain. We aim to help make your pain more manageable and improve your quality of life.

How do I get seen by Leeds PAIN Service?

Patients are referred to the service via their own GP for specialist management, once the referral has been received the administration department will make an outpatient appointment to see one of the Pain Consultants (or a Registrar working with the Consultant). At this appointment a comprehensive assessment will be performed and an appropriate treatment plan will be formulated. Not every type of treatment is appropriate for every patient, your treatment will be specific to your needs so your treatment is likely to vary compared to another patients.