Foundation Trust

We believe that as a result of becoming a Foundation Trust we will be better placed to achieve our vision, to deliver positive change and to provide outstanding health care to the people of Leeds and further afield.  

Why we believe this

The financial and management discipline required to put in place a robust and challenging performance regime, new freedoms to invest in first class clinical services, and the enhancement of our reputation with partners or investors in the Trust, will all assist us in achieving our strategic goals.

Our progress in developing excellent services will be accelerated by a vigorous focus on efficient services for patients and ensuring that we effectively meet their needs, plus a clear emphasis on forward planning that Foundation Trust status requires.

New structures such as a Council of Governors, representing staff, local people, patients and stakeholders will further strengthen relationships with the local authority and other partners.

Foundation Trusts differ from mainstream NHS Trusts in a number of ways: firstly, they have greater freedom to decide how to meet local health obligations; secondly, they are intended to be more directly accountable to local people