The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

About Us

Our Structure

How the Trust is Organised

Leeds Teaching Hospitals is an extremely large and complex organisation providing services across several hospital sites.

From 1 April 2013, we moved from a Divisional structure to a clinically-led one, putting doctors, nurses (or other health professionals) and managers in a decision-making triumvirate. This new structure became operational with the creation of 19 new Clinical Support Units (CSUs) which  deliver all the clinical services undertaken by the Trust, all reporting to the Board-level post of Chief Operating Officer.

In addition, support services are managed through the Estates and Facilities, and there are a number of corporate functions supporting the smooth running of the Trust, including Finance, Informatics, Patient Administration, Human Resources and Corporate Nursing.

CSU Leads


Clinical Director

General Manager

Head of Nursing

Acute Medicine

Steve Bush

Joanne Wood

Helen Christodoulides

Abdominal Medicine & Surgery

Stuart Murdoch

Tim Hiles

Penny McSorley

Adult Critical Care

Simon Whiteley


Lorna Johnson

Adult Therapies


Jo Bewley



Jim McLenachan

Gina McGawley

Scott Van Steen

Chapel Allerton Hospital

Jackie Andrews

Chris Jones

Zoe Kirk

Children’s  Hospital

Mike Richards

Debra Wheeler

Anne Stanton

Head & Neck

Jamie Woodhead

Ruth Tue


Claire Plews


Phil Wood

Mike Philpott


Kate Smith


Leeds Dental Institute

Alastair Speirs

Rob Rathbone


Dental Nurse Mgr:

Andrea Leach

Medicines Management & Pharmacy Services

Liz Kay

Jo Buck

Jo Caldicott


Steve Wilson

Simon Mawhinney

Jo Regan



Head of Patient Services

Karen Ledgard


Sally Lane

Martin Fottles


Head of Profession

Martin Fottles


Philip Robinson

Catherine Bange

HoP: Penny Dutton

Theatre & Anaesthesia

Hamish McLure

Suzanne Abrahams

Joan Ingram

Trauma and Related Services

Mark Liddington

Tracy Mason 

Donna Pearson

Urgent Care

Wayne Hamer

Rob Armstrong

Breeda Columb

Women’s Services

Jonathan Freeman

Emily Griffiths

Julie Scarfe

Head of Nursing and Midwifery