The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

About Us

Our Structure

How the Trust is Organised

We operate a clinically-led structure, which means that doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals make the decisions on how we run our services. We have 18 Clinical Service Units (CSUs) which deliver all of our services and are led by a triumvirate team, including a Clinical Director, a Head of Nursing or Profession and a General Manager.

Each CSU has its own clinical focus and is responsible for delivering the highest standards of quality, safety and financial performance for its service. Providing high-quality care and running effective services is very much a team effort.

As well as nursing, medical and scientific roles, our dedicated Estates and Facilities teams provide a number of support services and our corporate functions contribute to the smooth running of the Trust. These include Finance, Informatics, Human Resources and Patient Administration who work in partnership with the CSUs to deliver the best possible services for our patients.

CSU Leads


Clinical Director

General Manager

Head of Nursing

Acute Medicine

Steve Bush

Joanne Wood

Jo Regan

Abdominal Medicine & Surgery

Stuart Murdoch

Tim Hiles

Penny McSorley

Adult Critical Care

Andrew Breen

Claire Goodman

Simon Riley-Fuller

Adult Therapies


Jo Bewley



Jim McLenachan

Gina McGawley

Scott Van Steen

Chapel Allerton Hospital

Shelagh Turvill

Chris Jones

Zoe Kirk

Children’s  Hospital

Mike Richards

Suzanne Abrahams

Anne Stanton

Head & Neck

Gerard Kelly

Helen Rolle


Claire Plews


Phil Wood

Lucy Turner

Kate Smith

Leeds Dental Institute

Alastair Speirs

Rob Rathbone


Dental Nurse Mgr:

Andrea Leach

Medicines Management & Pharmacy Services

Liz Kay

Jo Buck

Jo Caldicott


Steve Wilson

Ellie Finn

Sarah Miller



Alexandra Dudson

Karen Ledgard


Sally Lane

Mike Philpott

Head of Profession

Martin Fottles


Philip Robinson

Martin Fottles

HoP: Penny Dutton

Theatre & Anaesthesia

Moira O'Meara


Suzanne Abrahams

Joan Ingram

Trauma and Related Services

Mark Liddington

Tracy Mason 

Donna Pearson

Urgent Care

Dr Steve Bush

Rob Armstrong

Breeda Columb

Women’s Services

Jonathan Freeman

Emily Griffiths

Susan Gibson

Head of Nursing and Midwifery