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Mr Pankaj Kaul

Mr Pankaj Kaul
Primary Designation Consultant Cardiac Surgeon
Secondary Designation Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds
GMC Code 4273868
Email Address
Telephone Number (0113) 392 5792
Special Interests Surgical interests: Aortic surgery,coronary artery surgery, valve surgery and surgery for pericardial diseases.

Research interests: Cardiac trauma, hypothermia and myocardial metabolism, coronary artery disease and its complications, valvular heart disease, endocarditis, aortic aneurysms, surgery on aortic arch, bovine aortic arch surgery, aortic dissections, retrograde dissections, cerebral protection, malignant tumors of heart, coronary anomalies, infarct VSD, LV aneurysms, cardiac rupture, myocutaneous and omental flaps.
My research is clinically oriented and addresses the entire spectrum of adult cardiac surgery. I have published articles in peer reviewed journals on surgery for coronary artery disease and its complications, aortic, mitral and tricuspid valvular surgery, aneurysms of aortic root, ascending aorta, aortic arch including bovine arch, and abdominal aorta, aortic dissections including retrograde dissections, innominate arterial rupture, cardiac tumors, Tetralogy of Fallot, thymic tumors, Burkitt lymphoma, accidental hypothermia, post infarction VSD, free wall rupture of right and left ventricles, left ventricular aneurysms, myocutaneous flaps, cardiac trauma, coronary anomalies, aortic arch surgery, antegrade cerebral perfusion for cerebral protection, permanent pacemaker complications and their surgical redress including tricuspid valve replacement for endocarditis, prosthetic valve thrombosis, chest wall Chondrosarcoma and its concomitant excision with CABG, pericardial cysts and superior vena cava and middle lobe syndromes, etc.
I am a Senior Lecturer at Leeds School of Medicine, affiliated to University of Leeds, an IMRCS examiner at Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Foundation Educational Supervisor at Yorkshire Deanery and a member of Regional Training Committee in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Yorkshire Deanery.