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About your stay

How can I recognise different members of staff around the hospital?

RTEmagicC Badge 02.jpgAll staff in the Hospital are required to wear a badge at all times which looks like this:

It states upon it their name and job title.

Most of our staff wear a uniform. You can see photos of all our nurses uniforms here.

Nurse Uniforms3


What questions should I be asking of hospital staff?

You should feel free to ask any questions of the staff you feel appropriate. If you have any anxieties or fears about your treatment you must discuss these with your doctor.

You and members of your family or close friends should be asking questions about your care. There is no such thing as a silly question. A few basic questions you should ask about your care include:

  • Which consultant is in charge of my treatment?
  • Who is the Matron responsible for my care?
  • Who are the Ward sisters in charge of this ward?
  • What is this medicine for?
  • What side effects can I expect from this medication?

All our in clinical areas staff should be bare below the elbow at all times if you see a member of staff who is not please feel free to ask them why not and if this is on a ward tell the Sister or Matron.

What level of personal care, privacy and dignity can I expect?

Personal Care.

All our hospitals are dedicated to delivering safe, effective and personal care to every patient every time. We strive for the highest standards - you should leave our care feeling we have done all we can to achieve this.

Our hospitals deliver some of the most advanced treatments available and the outcomes we get (especially in very serious and complex illness and injury) are amongst the best in the country.
The oldest of our hospitals was established in 1767 (see history) and since then we have been updating our sites constantly. We are attempting to move all our patients into the most up to date facilities possible (like the cancer services delivered from Bexley Wing) for example.

Our hospitals are all teaching hospitals, this means we train the next generation of doctors and nurses here. Your permission will always be asked before your treatment is used as part of student training.

Privacy and Dignity

Will I be placed in a single sex ward?

We comply with Department of Health guidance about single sex accommodation.

Our declaration of compliance is published:
Delivering Single Sex Accommodation Declaration of Compliance (142 KB).

For some treatments it is not best clinical practice to treat you on a single sex ward (Intensive Care for example). Elsewhere in our hospitals we do separate out men and women wherever appropriate. We now have side rooms on most wards (these are used for isolation and on occasion privacy).

What shall I do if I would like a chaperone?

If you would like a chaperone please speak to a member of staff on arrival. It will not always be possible to provide a chaperone whilst you are being examined, although one is available for intimate examinations. Alternatively, please bring someone with you, who you don’t mind being present during your examination.

What happens if I am asked to participate in research or clinical trials?

The Trust also undertakes a wide range of research activity and clinical trials. If you are asked to participate in a research or clinical study, a full explanation will be provided to you by the doctor

How is my personal data protected?

We ask you for information so that you can receive the best care and treatment you need. We keep this information, together with details of your care, because it may be needed if we see you again. Everyone who works in the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential. Further information about this can be obtained from the staff looking after you, or from the Medical Records Department.