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We want every patient to have the opportunity to participate in a research study. In musculoskeletal diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, our clinicians lead national programmes of research. In other specialities, including infectious disease, gastroenterology, paediatrics and dentistry, we are recognised as excellent collaborators with national and international research leaders.

We also undertake research which covers many different diseases and is aimed at helping to accelerate the transition of research discoveries into clinical practice. We have one of the UK's leading clinical trials research units and have secured a major national programme of research in health informatics which is likely to become a particularly important area of research.

Clinical research, including trials, take place at Leeds Teaching Hospitals covering all areas of medicine and healthcare and testing treatments for a wide range of diseases. This ensures that the majority of our patients can have the opportunity to be involved. Some of our trials are in experimental medicine, which is early stage research to take discoveries made in the laboratory and turn them into effective new treatments or new methods for diagnosis. In this area, we focus on a smaller range of diseases, including musculoskeletal disease such as arthritis, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Our vision is for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to be a world leader in clinical research, developing new treatments which will - as quickly as possible - bring improvements for our patients.

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