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For Health Care Professionals

The information provided in this page is for the use of registered Health Care Practitioners only.

The British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) Vaccine Working Group has developed a series of FAQs which should allow first or repeat vaccination in the majority of the patients without the need for specialist review. Please refer to this resource before contacting our service. 

BSACI Vaccine Allergy FAQs

Additional information can also be found in the latest update of Green Book section on COVID vaccines. 

To supplement the above, the Leeds Immunology and Allergy Department have produced the attached documents, which include proformas for referral to allergy services only for those patient circumstances that are not covered by the BSACI FAQs above. Please choose the pre-vaccine proforma for patients who have not had the COVID vaccine yet and post-vaccine proforma for patients who have reacted to the first dose. These proformas will be updated regularly based on the queries received. Some examples of common scenarios are provided as notes. Referral is via healthcare professional only and patients cannot self-refer.

The Leeds Immunology and Allergy Department is a small department that covers North and West Yorkshire. We do not have the facility for hospital challenges or supervised administration of the COVID-19 vaccination. Patients referred for advice will be placed on a virtual waiting list and reviewed in order received or written advice provided to the referring professional.

COVID Pre-Vaccine Allergy Advice Request Form
COVID Post-Vaccine Allergy Referral Form
COVID Vaccine Allergy - Common Questions and Scenarios