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The service provides care for around 8,000 patients admitted acutely and 2,500 patients admitted for planned (elective) treatments each year. In addition there are 15,000 attendances each year to our outpatient services.The Cardiac Clinical Services Unit (CSU) based at Leeds General Infirmary is responsible for providing Cardiac Services across Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Services are provided for the local population of Leeds; Specialist Services are provided for patients across West Yorkshire.

NHS Choice users give Leeds General Infirmary a 4.5 star rating overall, with consistently positive feedback for the Cardiology Service.

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Clinical Director - Dr Chris Pepper

Lead Clinician - Dr Andrew Hogarth and Dr Dominik Schlosshan

General Manager - Gina McGawley

Service Manager - Tracy Rennard

Business Manager - Vanessa Best

Head of Nursing - Scott Van Steen

Matrons - Helen Rowbotham / Hannah Graham

If you need to speak to someone about the arrangements of your outpatient appointment, please contact the Referral and Booking Service:

Tel: 0113 2064819

If you would like to contact us about your experience of Cardiology at Leeds, please email us:


For queries about your care, please visit the Contact us page for further details.