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General Queries

For general queries to the department, please use any of the secretary contact details below; your call will then be directed appropriately. 


 Cardiology Secretaries  Consultant  Tel:
 Amy Cousins  Dr Dickinson  0113 3926155
   Dr Sapsford  0113 3926155
 Jill Winters  Dr Blaxill  0113 3923794
   Dr McLenachan  0113 3923794
 Sue Inman  Dr Blackman  0113 3922650
   Dr Malkin  0113 3922650
   Prof Plein  0113 3922650
 Jill Taylor  Prof Sivananthan  0113 3925735
   Dr Schlosshan  0113 3925735
   Dr Abdel-Rahman  0113 3925735
   Dr Kidambi  0113 3925735
 Alison Cowell  Dr Pepper  0113 3925787
   Dr Graham  0113 3925787
   Dr Hogarth  0113 3925787
   Dr Berkin  0113 3925787
 Karen Sherburn  Dr Cowan  0113 3926619
   Dr Page  0113 3926619
 Donna Mallory  Dr Baig  0113 3926642
   Prof Hall  0113 3926642
   Prof Kearney  0113 3926642
   Dr Witte  0113 3926642
   Dr Cubbon  0113 3926642
 Trudie Hardie  Dr Kodoth  0113 3925889
   Dr Wheatcroft  0113 3925889
   Dr Cunnington  0113 3925889
Rebecca Cook Dr Tayebjee  0113 3922463
  Dr Simms  0113 3922463


If you have any concerns about the arrangements for your outpatients appointment, please contact the Referral and Booking Service for Cardiology.

Tel: 0113 2064819


For further information about your investigation, please contact the relevant department:

Chapel Allerton
Harehills Lane, Leeds, LS7 4SA
Tel. 0113 3924629

The ECG department is situated on the ground floor in the out patients department and provides the following services: Ambulatory Monitoring, Cardiac Ultrasound, Spirometry and ECG’s.

Leeds General Infirmary
Great George Street Leeds LS1 3EX
Tel. 0113 3923306

The Cardiac Investigations Unit on E Floor, Jubilee Wing performs Ambulatory Monitoring, Cardiac Ultrasound and Cardio-pulmonary / Exercise Testing. ECGs are performed in the Out-Patients Department on E Floor, Jubilee Wing.

St. James’s Hospital
Beckett Street Leeds LS9 7TF
Tel: 0113 2064759

The Cardio-Respiratory Investigations Unit on 1st Floor, Chancellor Wing performs Ambulatory Monitoring, Cardiac Ultrasound, Exercise Testing, ECGs, Lung function and Tilt Testing.

Wharfedale Hospital
Newall Carr Road Otley LS21 2LY
Tel: 0113 3921606

The Cardiac Unit on the Ground Floor performs Ambulatory Monitoring, Cardiac Ultrasound, ECGs, Exercise Testing and spirometry.

Seacroft Hospital
York Road Leeds LS14 6UH
Tel: 0113 2063599

The Cardiac Unit in the Out-Patients Department performs Ambulatory Monitoring, Cardiac Ultrasound and ECGs.


If you would like to give feedback about your experience of Cardiology at Leeds General Infirmary, please contact us via leedsth-tr.Cardio-respiratoryCSU(at)


Please follow the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust’s process for raising a concern (using PALS) or a complaint about the care or service you received as a patient. You may visit the PALS website for further information, or contact the team directly:

Tel: 0113 2066261 or 0113 2067168 - answer phone available outside working hours.
Fax: 0113 2066146
Email: patientexperience.leedsth(at)