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Chaplaincy Services

Providing Pastoral, Spiritual, and Religious Care.

The Chaplaincy team provide 24-hour care and support relating to things that give shape and meaning to people’s lives. Our chaplains and non-religious pastoral carers are trained, experienced professionals providing individualised pastoral, spiritual and religious care to patients, visitors, and staff; offering advice and support around any matters of religion and belief. We support people of all faiths and beliefs, or anyone who would like someone to talk to.

If you require a chaplain or pastoral carer urgently please ask a staff member to call the hospital switchboard. To personalise your care, please let the staff member know if you have any particular needs.

You might find it helpful to register your faith or belief when you arrive at hospital. This can be done at the same time you give your contact details.

Our Chaplains support inpatients and outpatients as well as carers and family members.

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The Chaplaincy Service is based at both St James's Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary. Chaplains also attend patients at Chapel Allerton Hospital.

If you know someone who needs to see a chaplain, please contact us by phone or email.  If there is nobody to take your call, then please do leave a message, including your name and telephone number.

St James's Hospital office

Telephone: (0113) 206 5935

Leeds General Infirmary office

Telephone: (0113) 392 2914

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