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Children and Young People's Diabetes

CYP Diabetes Team

The Leeds Children and Young People’s Diabetes Service

The Leeds Children and Young People’s Diabetes Service provides medical, nursing, dietetic and psychological support to children and young people (0-19 years of age) with diabetes. As one of the largest paediatric diabetes services in the UK, our specialist team takes care of over 450 young patients, from diagnosis through long-term follow-up to achieve the best long-term health outcomes.

We support our patients, their families and school staff in achieving optimal blood glucose control through blood glucose testing, carbohydrate counting, insulin dose adjustment and management of exercise, illness and hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose). We use the latest in diabetes related technology to help our patients and families in self-managing their diabetes.

We hold consultant led clinics every day and also provide nurse led appointments, home visits and school visits as needed. An on-going programme of education is offered throughout the year, including one-to-one dietetic and psychology appointments, pump show-and-tells and school workshop sessions.

Where possible, we aim to prevent hospital admissions and encourage early discharge from hospital by supporting children and families at home with 24hr access to telephone advice. Inpatient stays are on wards L40 and L09 at Leeds General Infirmary.

We believe that our family centred approach will help you and your child feel supported and empowered to safely manage diabetes, whilst also maintaining a good quality of life!