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Useful Resources

Digibete Logo2Digibete is a fantastic resource that has been developed by one of our patient families. It is a video platform designed to help families self-manage Type 1 diabetes and also prepare them for what to expect when they come to clinic for the first time.


CYPDN is a national network of families and diabetes healthcare providers, all working towards a standardised approach to care for children and young people with Type 1 diabetes. Since it was established in 2010 we have seen a significant improvement in HbA1c levels.


Goals of diabetes education  is a structured education programme created by Novo Nordisk. It is divided into 6 age groups, designed to provide an overview of key facts that patients and their families should understand and be able to implement as they progress from diagnosis through to transition to the adult service.



JDRF logoJDRF is a global charity dedicated to funding research and providing support for children and young people with Type 1 diabetes.



Diabetes UK is the largest charity focussed on diabetes research in the UK. It provides information and support for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.