The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Blood Tests

Another way we can test your child's allergies, is through a blood test, known as a specific IgE test. Blood tests can be useful to accompany skin prick test results, and provide a more detailed insight into your child's allergies. They are also useful in instances such as:

  • If your child has needed antihistamines up to 5 days prior to their appointment. Blood tests can be done regardless of whether antihistamine has been taken.
  • If your child has significant eczema, making it more difficult to skin prick test.
  • If there is a food/substance that we do not have the skin testing solution for (although it is important to note that blood tests cannot test for everything)
  • We can use local anaesthetic cream ("magic cream") to numb your child's skin if this would make it easier for your child.

The blood tests can be done on the day of your clinic appointment, however the results can take a few weeks to appear. You will be contacted with the results of the blood tests.