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What is Healthier at Home?

Healthier at Home is a service that utilises technology to provide a period of observation for patients in their own home. H@H involves a virtual ward of patients who are well enough to be monitored in their home environment with a member of the CAT team conducting a video call at set time intervals using Attend Anywhere

What are the aims of H@H?

  • Recovery at home
  • Supported discharge
  • Admission avoidance

The aim of the service is to introduce a virtual ward for patients attending the CAT Unit in order to offer an ambulatory care plan to facilitate a period of further observation outside of the hospital environment. We also aim to reduce the length of stay for patients on the CAT Unit thereby improving patient flow.

Can I refer directly to the H@h service?

The short answer to this is no. The service is run by the medical and nursing team on the CAT Unit and only patients who have attended the CAT Unit and been assessed by a paediatrician are eligible for H@H. If you work in primary care, you can refer to the CAT Unit using the usual referral process.

We have included the criteria the condition specific criteria which is used to determine patient eligibility for H@H. Please click the buttons below for more information. Please note that this is for information only, if you are concerned about a child please discuss with a paediatrician on the CAT Unit using the usual process.


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