The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Listen to our podcast ‘Unexpected Beginnings - The Neonatal Unit’

Hosted by veteran neonatal parents, Caroline Verdon and Kerry Bickerdike, this podcast will hold your hand through every step of the neonatal journey whether your baby is premature or full term, well or needing surgery.

Having a baby on a neonatal ward is a traumatic experience no matter how well your baby is doing. The wires, the bleeps, the medical terminology can all add up to create an environment that can feel really isolating and worlds away from what you had expected when you first saw your baby on an ultrasound.

Through listening to other parents experiences and speaking to doctors, surgeons, mental health workers and everyone in-between, this podcast aims to make you feel less alone and more supported, signposting you to help and information along the way.

This podcast has been recorded with the help and support of Leeds Children’s Hospital, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and funded by Leeds Hospital Charity.