The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Meet the team

The multidisciplinary team is made up of variety of staff including nurses, junior doctors, clinical support workers, housekeepers, ward clerks, nursery nurses, specialist allied health professionals, pharmacists and consultants.

Neonatal Consultants 

Dr Hannah Shore - Lead Clinician
Dr Lisa Barker - Lead for Epidemiology and Education  
Dr Sharon English - Lead for Palliative Care and Fetal Medicine
Dr Chris Forster - Lead for Nutrition and Workforce  
Dr Cath Harrison - Neonatal Transport Lead
Dr Kathryn Johnson - Lead for Research and Epidemiology
Dr Liz McKechnie - Lead for Family Integrated Care, Lead for Infection Prevention and Control
Dr Lawrence Miall - Special interest in neonatal cardiology, Governance Lead
Dr Nikki Mullins - Lead for Outpatient Follow-up and Undergraduate Teaching
Dr Amelia Shaw - Lead for Post-Natal Ward and Fetal Medicine
Dr Rachel Toone - Lead for Simulation and Screening 
Dr Jo Wright - Lead for Developmental Care

Lead Nurses

Matron for Neonatal Services - Debra Smith
LGI Unit Lead Nurse - Laura Ealham
St James’s University Hospital Unit Lead Nurse - Caroline Britton
Surgical Lead Nurse - Emily Broadwell 
Transitional Care - Sam Plets
Outreach Team Lead - Debbie Woodward