The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Kind donation from Unite Students

5 July 2017

Unite Students have kindly donated hundreds of multi-coloured mood lamps to the wards of Leeds Children’s Hospital. Alan Hartley from Unite, whose six-month-old son was on Ward L43 until recently, wanted to say thank you to the teams who cared for his son.

Alan Hartley and Kathryn Fielding from Unite Students came in person to deliver several boxes of sensory lighting to Ward L43.

Unite students

The soft-glowing, ambient lamps can be fixed to one of several colours or set to gently change colour over a period of time. They’ve been previously used in student accommodation but were marked for removal once the students left for the summer.

“We try and recycle as many leftovers as possible - it’s much better to donate rather than dump,” said Alan.

Alan’s six-month-old son was recently discharged from the ward after months of illness, and Alan wanted to give something back to the staff who cared for him.

“I nominated the Leeds Children’s Hospital to donate to because of the brilliant care they provided for my son,” Alan said. “We donate to causes all over the country but I’d much rather involve something local and personal.”

The lamps will be placed in clinical areas to primarily benefit very young patients in normalising their environments and providing gentle stimulation in the form of colour changes.

Fiona Metcalfe, Lead Nurse for Neonatal Surgery, said: “Babies need a normal level of environmental stimulation akin to a home. With this donation of mood lighting we can transform typically white and flat clinical areas to affect sensory stimulation and encourage colour development in our infant patients. We want to normalise babies’ early stage development as much as possible.”