The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Children's Speech and Language Therapy

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Welcome to Children’s Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) service.

We primarily provide an acute speech and language therapy service to paediatric inpatients at Leeds Children’s Hospital.

Inpatient Care at Leeds Children’s Hospital

We work closely with children and families during their hospital stay to support eating, drinking, infant feeding, and communication.

We offer support to children from birth to 18 years, and provide advice and recommendations to promote safe and positive experiences around feeding, eating or drinking; and to support their communication needs in hospital.

We work in partnership with families and health professionals to deliver high quality, holistic and patient-centred care. We are passionate about empowering families, health professionals and students through training to develop knowledge and skills.

Our team houses a range of highly specialist SLTs in the areas of Paediatric Critical Care, Neonates, Oncology, Long Term Ventilation and Videofluoroscopy.


We aim to support infants, children and young people to have safe and positive feeding experiences, and to achieve their full communication potential.

Outpatient Services

We ensure positive communication links with community Speech and Language Therapy teams to support the transition from hospital to community, following discharge from Leeds Children’s Hospital.

We provide a Regional Videofluoroscopy Service that recently won The Leeds Teaching Hospitals ‘Time to Shine 2020’ Award for Improving Quality and Safety.