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Clinical Psycho-Oncology Team (Cancer)

Cancer Service (Clinical Psycho-oncology Team)

The Clinical Psycho-Oncology Team provides psychological support for patients receiving care from the Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust Cancer Services.

The following psychologists provide input into this service:

  • Dr Sarah Catesby, Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Jane Clark, Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Nicky Tschernitz, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Nina Watson, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Ian Lorentz, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Francesca Williams, Clinical Psychologist

Appointments are available at St James’s Hospital (Rehabilitation Department, Level 1 Bexley Wing)

Information for Patients

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Clinical Psychology Service for People with Cancer (Clinical Psycho-Oncology Team)

What is this information about?

This information aims to answer some of the questions you may have about the Clinical Psychology Service for People with Cancer (Clinical Psycho-Oncology Team). 

Why are there Clinical Psychologists in the Cancer Service?

Living with cancer and its treatment can bring many different feelings, both for you and those close to you. These may include shock, disbelief, fear, loneliness and resentment. Sometimes they come together in a way that can feel overwhelming. This may cause you to worry about how you will manage. This is where a member of the Clinical Psycho-Oncology Team may help. Our role is to provide emotional and psychological support to patients who have cancer or are recovering after cancer treatment. 

How can the Clinical Psycho-Oncology Service help?

Psychologists can help people in a variety of ways. Rather than prescribing medications, Clinical Psychologists are trained to help people talk through their problems. 
The person you see will have an understanding of the psychological effects that cancer and treatment for cancer can have. Everyone is different and many people find it helpful to talk about how their cancer affects different areas of their lives. Sometimes talking through problems can help people to find better ways of managing their difficulties. You will not have to talk about anything that you don’t want to. 
Examples of things that people often talk to Clinical Psychologists about include: 
  • Feeling low, upset or angry after a diagnosis or treatment for cancer
  • Decisions about treatment and coping with treatment
  • Worries or fears about the future
  • Changes to the body after cancer or treatment
  • Difficulties in relationships
Who is the service for?
This service is available to all patients at any stage of treatment for cancer who are under the care of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Adult Cancer Service. This includes people who have finished their medical or surgical treatment for cancer. We focus on helping with the emotional or psychological difficulties relating to cancer or treatment for cancer. It may be that if some of your difficulties are not related to your experience of cancer and if so we may help you to access another source of support for these issues.

What happens to the information I share with you?

Information that you share with the Clinical Psychologist is kept confidential and notes we write in meetings will be kept separate from your medical notes. Clinical Psychologists have a responsibility to tell somebody if they are worried that you or somebody else is at risk of getting hurt. We would always try to discuss this with you first. Your Clinical Psychologist will talk more about confidentiality with you at your first appointment. 

What should I do if I would like this kind of help?

If you feel that you might benefit from talking to a Clinical Psychologist, please tell one of the Doctors or Clinical Nurse Specialists who will be able to refer you. There may a wait before you can be seen (the doctor or nurse referring you will be able to find out more about this, or you could telephone our department). 

Who will I see?

The person you will see will usually be a qualified Clinical Psychologist who specialises in working with people with cancer. You will usually see the same person throughout your care. You may be seen by a Psychologist in Clinical Training. This Psychologist will be closely supervised by a qualified Clinical Psychologist. 
We also work closely with colleagues in the Department of Liaison Psychiatry who specialise in working with people who have cancer. You may be offered an appointment with a Liaison Psychiatrist for similar talking therapy or if needed, discussion about medication to help.

How often will I see the Clinical Psychologist?

You and the Clinical Psychologist can discuss how often it would be best to meet. Some people see the Clinical Psychologist only once or twice, others may see them once a week or once a fortnight for several weeks or months. 

Where will I see the psychologist?

We see people for outpatient appointments in the Rehabilitation Department, Level 1, Bexley Wing, St James’s University Hospital. We sometimes also see people on the wards. 

Where can I get more information?

If you want to find out more about the Clinical Psycho-Oncology Service, please ask one of the doctors or Clinical Nurse Specialists involved in your care. 
Department of Rehabilitation, Level 1 Bexley Wing, St James’s University Hospital, Beckett Street, Leeds, LS9 7TF 
Telephone: 0113 206 7656

Information for Staff

Please see our intranet site for referral forms and guidance.