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The Neuropsychology service at St James's Hospital offers outpatient specialist neuropsychological assessment and short-term psychological therapy to patients with any neurological or neurosurgical presentation, and to people with medically unexplained neurological-like symptoms. We also offer specialist neuropsychological assessments to patients with complex psychiatric presentations.

We provide inpatient neuropsychological assessment and therapeutic work to patients admitted to the neurorehabilitation ward at Chapel Allerton Hospital.

You can also read our leaflet on Cognitive Assessments provided by the service.

Our team

The following Neuro-psychologists provide input into this service:

  • Dr Catherine Derbyshire, Head Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology and Lead Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist
  • Dr James Briggs, Lead Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist for Neurorehabilitation
  • Dr Michelle Wilson, Principal Clinical Neuropsychologist
  • Dr Matilda Ohlsson, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Luke Boothroyd, Principal Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Francesca Williams, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Emma Linney, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Toni Jenkinson, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Mike Brown, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Lauren Henshall, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Mahbub Khan, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Hannah Drewett, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Lewis Langford, Clinical Psychologist
  • Hayley Kitchingman, Assistant Psychologist and Psychometrician
  • Ben Marson, Assistant Psychologist
  • Georgina Michallat-Bragg, Assistant Psychologist
  • Trainee Clinical Psychologists