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Welcome to Pain Psychology Service

We know that living with pain doesn’t just affect you physically. Long-term pain also impacts the way you feel, and the thoughts you might have. Psychological support is available to help you deal with the difficult thoughts and feelings that often come with pain. Seeing a clinical psychologist does not mean that we think your pain is ‘in your head’. There are a number of ways that psychologists might be able to help you. This will usually either be through individual therapy or a group Pain Management Programme.

The adult pain psychology team provide psychological support for adults struggling with the impact of living with long-term pain. They are able to offer support through individual sessions with one of our psychologists, or through a group Pain Management Programme that we run with physiotherapy. We also provide support for individuals who would like to reduce their pain medications, alongside our colleagues in pharmacy. 

The following psychologists provide input into the pain service:

  • Dr Vivienne Laidler, Principal Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Caroline Firman, Principal Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Rachael Clarke, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Andrea Brown, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Maria Chu, Clinical Psychologist

Appointments are available at St James’s Hospital (Fielding House) or via video consultation.

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