The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

How to find us

We are located in Bexley Wing at St James's Hospital. For maps, directions and car parking information to St James's Hospital, please click here. The postcode is LS9 7TF.

For the main haematology outpatients, come up in the "blue" lift to level 3, turn left and then right.

Within this area, there is a patient information room and phlebotomy service. Also within this area is the supportive and ambulatory care units, therapeutic apheresis service and Leeds Clinical Research Facility. You can also find the haematological malignancy diagnostic service (HMDS) laboratory on level 3 (turn right and then right from the blue lift).

To find the main wards (J88/J89) walk down the long corridor from outpatients or come up to level 3 in the "green" lift.

The pre-assessment clinic (chemotherapy) is on level 1 of Bexley wing. Most chemotherapy treatments are given in the oncology day unit on level 1.

Wards J95, J96 and the teenage and young adult unit (J94) are located on level 5.

Outpatient pharmacy and radiology departments are located on level 0.

Paediatric haematology services have centralised in Clarendon wing at Leeds General Infirmary.