The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


A greater range of procedures are being offered to NHS patients as Day Cases, as it offers many benefits to patients and carers:

  • Care is provided through a patient-focused day surgery pathway.
  • Patients often experience shorter waiting times and the risk of cancellation relating to inpatient bed pressures is reduced.
  • The patient is able to recover in comfort, in their own home.
  • There are fewer visits to hospital required for carers.
  • Shorter stays in hospital reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections.

Our procedures are done under general anaesthetic and local anaesthetic with the majority of our patients going home the same day.

Your suitability for day surgery, will have been discussed with you during your Outpatient Consultation and during the Pre-Operative Assessment Appointment.

Referral Information

Treatment is on a referral basis from a General Practitioner or a Hospital Consultant, who will decide that the patient has a condition that may require surgery. They will refer the patient to the hospital, for them to be seen in clinic by the appropriate Surgical Speciality.