The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Preparing for Day Surgery

If you normally take medication then please follow the instructions you were given at the pre-operative assessment clinic. If you are unsure regarding whether to stop taking your medication before admission, please contact Pre assessment. If you have been pre assessed by your surgical speciality, please contact them directly if you are unsure of the arrangements around stopping your medication.

Shower or bathe before coming to the hospital and remove make-up, nail varnish, gel or acrylic nails, jewellery or any piercings.

If you have had diarrhoea or vomiting within 48 hours prior of your admission, please inform the Admissions Department. You should also inform us if you have had a cough, cold or flu symptoms during the immediate pre-operative period. On occasions it may be necessary to postpone your operation until you are well again.

It is recommended that you do not smoke prior to your operation. By not smoking,  this helps to speed up the healing process, your overall recovery and reduces the risk of complications.

It is very important that you follow the instructions given regarding eating and drinking on the day of your operation. If you don’t, this can complicate the anaesthetic process and could mean that your operation has to be cancelled.

Interpreter Services

It is essential that good communication is maintained at all times during your visit. The Trust provides a comprehensive range of services - click here for more details. 

If you require the assistance of an interpreter, please contact the admissions department immediately on receipt of your admissions letter. Please note that family members will not be allowed to interpret for you. Failure to arrange an interpreter will result in your appointment being cancelled on the day.