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Dermatology Patient Panel

The Leeds Dermatology Patient Panel

The Leeds Dermatology Patient Panel has been functioning for 2.5 years. Its purpose is to ensure that Dermatology patients receive the best treatment possible.

The panel is run by and consists of patients and co-opted by the patients are representatives of the Hospital Trust - doctors, nurses and members of management.

The Trust has embraced the Leeds Dermatology Patient Panel and has taken on board many of its requests. The Trust has also incorporated many of their own suggestions to make sure they provide a good patient service.

The Patient Panel have worked closely with the Dermatology department to ensure the new location at Chapel Allerton Hospital will be appropriate to patient needs. For example:

The clinical rooms will be fit for purpose.

  • Colour coding will help direct patients appropriately and will prevent them from getting lost.
  • Clinical facilities will be located in the same area.
  • There will be access to a very pleasant garden courtyard.
  • Car parking should not be a problem.
  • Ancillary facilities such as the pharmacy, photography, teaching & clinical trial requirements will all be appropriate for the patient's needs.

The Patient Panel encourages fundraising for the department and high quality research through the British Skin Foundation.

The Patient Panel has 220 supporters who are Dermatology patients. They also have 10 Dermatology patients who regularly attend the monthly meetings. The meetings are open to the public - everybody is welcome!

Being a supporter of the Leeds Dermatology Patient Panel provides you with regular updates about your Dermatology service. If you would like to become a supporter or join the committee, please contact either the LDPP Chairman or LDPP Secretary. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

LDPP Chairman - Victor Boughton - 0113 2572064

LDPP Secretary - Professor Bill Cunliffe - 0113 2672326

The Leeds Dermatology Patient Panel is very pleased with the progress that has been made in the last two and a half years. They have contributed significantly to ensure that patient experience is of the highest standard.