The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Welcome to the LASER Service

We are extremely proud that skin treatment LASERs have been used in Dermatology in Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust since the 1980's.

We currently offer treatments for a range of dermatological conditions including:

Birthmarks, vascular and lymphatic anomalies, Rosacea, Rhinophyma, Hirsutism, Pilonidal Sinus disease, hair bearing oral reconstruction flaps, radiotherapy tattoos, burns and keloid scarring, inflammatory skin conditions, recalcitrant warts, genetic conditions and many more.

We offer an in house Skin Camouflage service. This can be accessed through a Dermatologist within the hospital.

We treat patients of all ages both in our outpatient clinic and in theatres for patients requiring general anaesthesia.

We are a small but highly skilled team of Clinicians and Practitioners who work very hard to ensure our patients receive a high quality safe service.