The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Fracture Clinic (Adults)

Phase 1: 0 to 4 week

Below you will find important information to follow 0 - 4 weeks post injury.

Pain relief: Paracetamol can be used as per the guidance on the packaging. For stronger pain relief or if you have allergies please contact your General Practitioner or a local pharmacy.

Splint: Must be worn when active. The splint should be removed regularly to perform the exercises detailed below and to wash your hand. You do not need to wear the splint in bed.

Ice: A cold pack or frozen peas wrapped in a towel can be applied to your wrist for 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day. The ice must not come into direct contact with the skin. Ice is most effective within 72 hours of injury.

Exercises: The videos below show the exercises you should do during Phase 1 of your recovery. Exercises are best done little and often. Discomfort is expected, however if your pain is severe you are doing too much.


You may progress to phase 2 once you are 4 weeks post injury