The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Being assessed for a kidney transplant

Kidney transplant is a potential treatment option for patients on or approaching dialysis. Kidney transplantation can offer many benefits including an improved quality of life and freedom from dialysis. Unfortunately many patients (including over half of patients on dialysis) are not eligible to receive a transplant. This can be due to a range of medical and non-medical problems including severe heart disease, active cancer and poor circulation.

If you would like to be considered for a kidney transplant please speak to your Doctor when you are next in clinic.

When you have completed all of the tests required as part of your assessment your case will be taken to a transplant MDT. This a meeting attended by Consultant Transplant Surgeons, Consultant Nephrologists (with a special interest in kidney transplantation) and Renal Transplant Co-ordinators. Occasionally different specialists will also be asked for their opinion of your suitability. The outcome of this meeting will either be:

  • You are accepted onto the transplant waiting list - this does not mean that you are considered for kidney offers straight away
  • You are not accepted onto the transplant waiting list and you will be informed of the reason for this
  • You require further investigations or reviewing by another speciality - you will be informed of the details

When you have been accepted onto the transplant waiting list this is an ideal time for any potential live kidney donors to commence their assessment.