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Living with & beyond cancer

Symptoms to look out for include renewed symptoms which might include headaches, limb weakness, altered speech, dizziness, nausea and seizures.If you experience any of these symptoms, please contact your GP.


The Neuro-Oncology MDT aims to help and support all patients through and beyond treatment and to help manage any symptoms that cause problems.

The Neuro-oncology nurse specialist team is the best way to seek advice and can be contacted on 0113 206 8568

Some lifestyle tips:

  • make small adjustments to your everyday activities to make things easier where you can.
  • take light, regular exercise to keep your energy levels up and help your breathing.
  • give priority to the most important things you want to do first.
  • consider physiotherapy to help you learn and practise helpful mobility exercises.
  • pace yourself so you get enough rest.
  • consider learning a relaxation technique, such as meditation, to help you manage your anxieties and help keep you in a positive frame of mind.
  • develop a support network of friends and fellow patients with whom you can share and discuss your experiences. This can help put your concerns in perspective and offer you reassurance in difficult times
  • please go to Health & Wellbeing for more information