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Thermal Ablative Energy at Leeds

Thermal Ablative Energy to treat renal tumours
The use of thermal ablative energy - the ‘heat and ice’ - has gradually been replacing surgery for smaller cancers and provides huge benefits to patients. The intervention destroys tumours in a minimally invasive procedure performed under image guidance. This enables tumours to be treated without harming the remainder of the organ.  

Tze Wah Leeds

Dr Tze Wah, Consultant Radiologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, is one of only two consultants in England with extensive experience to perform this leading edge treatment on kidneys.

The IO programme in Leeds, led by Dr Wah, has performed treatments on renal tumours in hundreds of patients using both hot and cold energy and has an overall technical success rate of over 95%. This is comparable to the gold standard surgical approach.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals is a specialist centre for this treatment for the North of England and nationally. Some patients have travelled from as far away as Barbados and Singapore for treatment in Leeds. Dr Wah has also been providing advice and working with the National Cancer Centre (NCC) in Singapore to help them set up IO ahead of the launch of their new cancer centre in 2018.

Patients spend a lot less time in hospital following this procedure than they would after conventional surgery. This is more cost effective for the hospitals but, most importantly, recovery times for patients are dramatically reduced.