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Clinical Nurse Specialists

The sarcoma nurse specialist is a key member of the Sarcoma Multi-Disciplinary team, which consists of specialists who make recommendations about your investigations, treatment and follow up.

For patients who have been referred to the Sarcoma MDT, the Nurse Specialists are available for:

  • Queries related to The Sarcoma Service/MDT.
  • Queries related to our referral pathway/process.
  • Queries related to any investigations/tests we have recommended.


For all patients with a confirmed diagnosis of sarcoma, you will be allocated a Sarcoma Nurse Specialist (sometimes referred to as a Macmillan Nurse or Keyworker). They will support and guide you through all the tests, treatment and any follow up appointments. They are your main point of contact in the hospital. The sarcoma team has three nurse specialists:

  • Cathy Wallis - Clinical Nurse Specialist - 0113 2068902
  • Josie Pawson - Clinical Nurse Specialist - 0113 2068988
  • Georgina Martin - Clinical Nurse Specialist - 0113 2067646

For general/non-medical enquires, please contact our admin support colleague, Mandy Brown, on 0113 2068966.

What We Do

The Sarcoma CNS's offer:

  • Information about your cancer; investigations, treatment or advice about any symptoms you may be experiencing.
  • Support for you, your relatives and carers.
  • Referral to the community nursing teams, such as the District Nurses or Palliative Care Team.
  • Referral to professionals who can offer specialist advice such as benefits, social services or complimentary therapies.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to ring us if you need us. We work office hours of Monday - Friday 8am-4pm. If we cannot answer the phone, please leave a message on our answer machine and we will get back to you as soon as we can.