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Meet the team

The Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Service

The Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Service (TYA) is a team of experts which covers the Yorkshire, Humber and the Yorkshire coast region and serves a population of approximately four million. We are very proud of our TYA service, which has been at the forefront of developing expert TYA Care nationally; we also share our practice with other colleagues who are working internationally.

The service supports the medical, physical, emotional and social needs of young cancer patients aged 13 to 24, wherever they may be treated. If you are referred to this team, you will be assigned a Key Worker, who is usually a Specialist Nurse, and they will guide you and your family through your treatment. Alongside this there is a large team of professionals who will be able to help make this experience easier.

The main aims of the service are to:

  • Enhance care and co-ordinate patient choice using age appropriate skills and TYA expertise
  • Provide access to supportive care and peer group support.
  • Guide and support the TYA and their family through the cancer journey
  • Promote return to life after cancer treatment
  • Provide the link between the different specialities and areas of care facilitated by the Key Workers

Leeds Teaching Hospital is called a Principal Treatment Centre, which means that many young people will need to come here to have their treatment. The young person would need to come to Leeds if aged under 19 years, and/or if they have one of the very rare cancers that occur in young people i.e bone cancer, sarcoma, testicular cancer, brain cancer and acute leukaemia.  However, there are some types of cancer that can be treated in both Leeds and in a hospital that may be nearer to the young person. If this is the case we will be able to meet the young person and talk about the options with regard to where the treatment can be given and, whatever choice is made the team will work with the young person and their local team to make sure that you get access to everything we provide.

Teenage Cancer Trust Lead Nurse

 to develop and improve the services provided for Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer in Leeds and beyond. An expert practitioner in many aspects of TYA cancer care leads the TYA Service and the development of TYA care in and the Yorkshire and Humber region .

Tel: 0113 2067799  

The Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS):

Our Nurse Specialists provide information, advice and support to all young patients and their families. This is from diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond. They will generally take on the Key Worker Role, co-ordinating care, treatment, appointments and admissions, providing a close link between hospital and home. They are experts in the needs of Young People with cancer and have expert knowledge of cancer treatments and their side-effects. They will guide and support the TYA and their family through the cancer journey helping them to voice their choices and make decisions with the medical team.

CNS contact  : 0113 2067799

Young Lives Versus Cancer social workers

Our Social Workers provide emotional and psychological support as well as advice on practical, employment and financial issues. They have access to specific grants to help with expenses such as travel and other general costs associated with having treatment.

Clinical Psychologists

Our Clinical Psychologists provide expert psychological support for patients and families when needed, both during and after cancer treatment.  Your Key Worker will put you in contact with this team if you would like to speak to one of them.

Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinators: 

Our Youth Support Coordinators provide individual and group support, through various activities for all our teenage and young adult patients. They provide opportunities to get involved in activities, workshops and projects, both inside and outside of the hospital. In addition, they organize social events allowing our patients to meet other young people who have or had cancer to share information and experiences and therefore providing support to one another.  

Learning Mentor

A learning mentor supports with any aspect of education including schools, colleges, universities, and careers. They can liaise with teachers and tutors to assist in continuing with education whilst undergoing treatment.  They can help with arranging special consideration for exams and assessed work. They can also arrange and provide support to complete exams during hospital admissions.
Tel: 0113 3923711

TYA Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator and project manager

This is the person who makes sure that all our records are up to date and that meetings, where we discuss each patient regarding diagnosis, scan reports pathology etc., are held efficiently with all the information we need.

Tel: 0113 3922327