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Born and Bred in Leeds, or BaBi Leeds as it is known, is now open to recruitment at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, to help reduce health inequalities and improve outcomes for mums, babies and their families.

Studying children from before birth is a powerful way of understanding the many influences that shape our lives. BaBi Leeds aims to link routinely collected health, social care, and education data locally to build a picture of child health and development, and use this to inform and evaluate local policy and practice.

We are asking every pregnant woman booked for care at Leeds Teaching Hospitals to join the study and give consent for health researchers to join together routine data about them and their child so that researchers can look at ways to improve health, care and services through research and planning in Leeds.

As we know lots of organisations regularly collect data about the services they provide to patients; this is known as routine data.

A collage containing 2 babies and 2 pregnant woman.

There is a HUGE benefit if we are able to link them altogether….

By linking information from women’s health records and their child’s records, researchers can build up a much clearer picture of people’s lives and answer questions that may help to improve health, care and services.

BaBi Leeds is part of the BABi network, a group of local BaBi studies that work together. The main aim of the BABi network is to create a series of electronic cohorts across the country that can be used locally as health intelligence tools and shape services. Further information can be found by visiting the BABi Network Website.

If you would like more information please download our pdf information leaflet, or would like to join BaBi Leeds please email or ring 0113 2066473.

Translated versions of our information leaflet are available in the languages below:


This short video explains more about BABI Leeds: