The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Christine Bailey-Scott, Dietician

Christine Bailey Scott Profile Picture

What’s your role?

My role is Specialist Dietitian for MND. I take care of the patients’ nutritional and hydration needs. So, depending on what stage of their condition they’re at, I will advise on the most beneficial diet for them, linking in with all other areas of their treatment.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy being able to help people, especially when the dietary advice really works for the patients. We get to know our patients well and become very attached to them and their families, so it can be very hard at times, but I know that we can make a big difference during their lives as they live with this hard condition.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I love being by the coast and I’d love to spend my time walking/playing with the dogs on the beach and riding horses. Perhaps if I wasn’t doing this job, I’d run a little café by the beach as well.

Is there a highlight moment in your time here?

Highlights are when my advice really helps a patient. Changing their feed and hearing that it resolves issues that had been really troubling them, or by working with them and helping them to gain weight when other things have failed. I’m also very fortunate to work so closely with such an experienced team, so whatever the query, we can get it sorted together.