The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Medical Physics and Engineering

The Department supports the established range of applications of physics and engineering in medicine, and seeks to be actively involved in the development, assessment, implementation and audit of new and existing health care technologies and procedures. In doing so, it works to provide a competent and cost-effective medical physics and engineering service to the NHS and other organisations within the Leeds and Yorkshire region.

The department is organised under six main functions.

The strategic aims of the department can be summarised under the three main strands of activity:

Service Teaching and Training Research and Development
 100509179 service  34793241 teaching and training 1 912x632  101581120 research and development 1 810x561
To provide appropriate clinical and scientific services which are recognised within the Trust and nationally as being of the very highest quality

To deliver appropriate high quality teaching and training to healthcare staff.  

To develop and sustain high quality research and development programmes which are an integral part of the joint Trust/University R&D strategy

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