The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Radiological Physics and Radiation Protection

We provide diagnostic x-ray physics and engineering services, and radiation protection services to a range of NHS and non-NHS customers.

X-ray engineering section

This section is led by the Trust’s senior X-ray engineer and provides services mainly within the Trust. These services include:

  • First line servicing on a range of x-ray equipment
  • Support for computed radiography systems
  • Support for PACS and other imaging networks
  • Advice on x-ray equipment selection
  • Input to the design of x-ray rooms
  • Participation in new equipment evaluations and applications

Radiation protection

This section is led by a Consultant Clinical Scientist and provides services to a range of Trusts and to commercial partners. The services provided include:

  • Radiation protection services and advice to NHS trusts and some non-NHS customers
  • Liaison with statutory authorities
  • Monitoring radioactive waste disposals
  • Shielding calculation and input to the design of facilities
  • Personal dosimetry
  • Incident investigation
  • X-ray physics services to the same range of customers
  • Radiation protection and quality assurance checks
  • Surveys of patient doses
  • Coordination of physics and radiographer quality assurance programmes for the Yorkshire Breast Screening Service
  • Services related to non-ionising radiation protection – laser, ultraviolet, and radiofrequency radiation
  • Advice on laser protection
  • Calibration of ultra-violet treatment cabinets
  • Staff training
  • Participation in academic teaching

 Ultrasound Physics

The Ultrasound group provides technical support and scientific advice to various clinical specialities, mainly Radiology and Cardiology, who use a variety of ultrasound systems. A regular quality assurance programme is undertaken on all major machines and a first line maintenance support service provided. The support is provided to all sites within the Trust and encompasses over 100 machines.

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