The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Radionuclide and MR Physics

The section is involved in the continuous process of improvement in the efficient provision of its service commitment and in research and development through collaboration with many NHS and University Departments including Radiology, Cardiology and Oncology. Such support includes providing scientific advice and experience in the implementation of routine investigations and research projects, maintaining quality assurance programmes for the equipment, advising on selection, installation and acceptance testing of new equipment, maintenance, calibration and repair. Direct patient services are delivered by the Bone & Body Composition Measurement group and by the Radionuclide Physics group through the administration of radiopharmaceuticals for therapeutic applications.

The section comprises of around 13 clinical scientists and 3 Technologists split into 4 functioning groups. The section also acts as host to clinical scientists undertaking the training schemes.

The Nuclear Medicine group gives scientific and technical support to the Nuclear Medicine service provided by the Department of Radiology at four sites within the Trust. Strong links are maintained with the Trust Radiation Protection Advisers in the provision of radiation protection advice and other matters relating to the use of unsealed radioactive materials. The group includes clinical scientists, and technical staff. The Trust has 10 gamma cameras and undertakes approximately 13,000 diagnostic investigations annually and over 300 therapeutic treatments. Myocardial perfusion imaging is exclusively performed by the Nuclear Cardiology department at LGI, using 2 dual headed gamma camera, with substantive hands-on support from the assigned medical physicists.

The MRI group gives scientific and technical support to the MRI Departments within the Department of Clinical Radiology at 4 sites within the Trust. It is actively involved in Research and Development projects in each area and is jointly in receipt of several large research grants. The clinical service is provided by four state-of-the-art MRI systems (2 at the LGI, 1 at St James’s and 1 at Bexley) and an additional MRI system dedicated to Cardiac research at the LGI and an additional MRI system dedicated to Musculoskeletal at LMBRU in Chapel Allerton. The group includes clinical scientists and several research scientists employed by the University.