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The Occupational Therapy Team for MSK provides both outpatient (O) and in-patient (I) specialist Occupational Therapy across 3 sites.


 Clinical Service Units

  • Chapel Allerton Hospital Orthaepedic Centre CHOC (I) - 'Hip School' 
  • Rheumatology (I and O)
  • Trauma and Related Services - Leeds General Infirmary Major Trauma Centre  (I),
  • Trauma Orthopaedics (I)
  • Hands & Plastics (I and O)
  • Seacroft Hospital - Prosthetics (O)
  • Head and Neck - Leeds General Infirmary Head and Neck ward (I)
  • Critical Care - Leeds General Infirmary  Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU) re-admission ward
  • Cardio respiratory - Leeds General Infirmary Cardiology and Cardio Surgical Wards (Inpts)



Inpatient Services











The Occupational Therapist has a key role within the multi- disciplinary team assessing patients’ occupational needs and problem solving when there has been a detrimental change to their level of function and independence with either a temporary or long term forecast.   OT’s facilitate timely and safe discharges, working closely with community agencies to resolve housing requirements, supportive care packages and on-going rehabilitation and return to employment.

The Occupational Therapists within the Major Trauma Centre (MTC) at Leeds work on the Major Trauma Ward and High Dependency Unit.   At Chapel Allerton Hospital Orthopaedic Centre (CHOC) the Occupational Therapists provide pre-assessment and ward based services.  Both of these teams deliver care over seven days, all other services are Monday - Friday.

Rheumatology, Major Trauma, Hand and Plastics  and Vascular teams provide expert regional services, all other clinical areas provide local services to Leeds patients.


Outpatient Services

Outpatient services are provided as either Occupational Therapy clinics, joint MDT clinics or within a consultant clinic.

 These include:

  • Hand therapy and splinting
  • Pressure garments and scar management
  • Prosthetics assessment and management
  • Rheumatology assessment and treatment
  • GP direct access - for patients who have osteoarthritis of their thumb joint.

OT hand

Contact Info

Jen Throp and Kate Warner
Occupational Therapy Clinical Service Manager - MSK

Available  on telephone numbers: 0113 2026174 (LGI) and 0113 3924535 (CAH)
Tel: 0113 2026174,  0113 2026174, 0113 3924535

  • Occupational Therapy Department - Trauma and Orthopaedics LGI
    Tel: 0113 3927294
  • Occupational Therapy Department - MTC, Vascular, Cardiology and CDU at LGI
    Tel: 0113 3927194
  • Occupational Therapy Department - Rheumatology CAH
    Tel: 0113 3924528
  • Occupational Therapy Department - Elective Orthopaedics CAH
    Tel: 0113 3924842
  • Pre-assessment at CAH
    Tel: 0113 3924525