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Welcome to the Optometry department

The Optometry department is the largest provider of specialist hospital Optometry services in the Yorkshire region.

At present our team is made up of nineteen full time and part time Optometrists, one pre-registration optometrist and two dispensing opticians as well as a small administrative support team. Click here to read more about our team.


What we do

The Optometry department provides a range of specialist hospital optometry services to patients from Leeds, Yorkshire and from across the North of England.

The Optometry team consists of highly qualified optometrists and dispensing opticians who deliver a range of modern optometric core and enhanced services.

Non medical prescribing

Congratulations to another of our Specialist Optometrists who has  successfully completed their Independent prescribing examination and is now a registered independent prescriber.

At present we have one Specialist Optometrist, having completed their final University module in Therapeutic prescribing at Aston University, now completing a clinical placement, before taking the independent prescribing exam.

The Optometry department has now supported the Consultant Optometrist, Principal Optometrist and seven of our Specialist Optometrists to gain Optometric independent prescribing qualifications. Allowing them to prescribe medication for eye patients in the Acute Referral (Eye Casualty) clinics, Glaucoma, Anterior segment clinics, Medical retina and YAG laser clinics at the main eye clinic based at St. James's University Hospital as well as in Glaucoma clinics at Seacroft Hospital and clinics at Wharfedale Hospital.

Click here to find out more about Optometric Independent prescribing

Medical Retina, Low Vision and Paediatric qualifications

Many of our Specialist Optometrists have higher qualifications related to the enhanced clinical roles they perform. These include diplomas and professional certificates in contact lenses, Glaucoma, Medical Retina, Low vision and paediatric eye care.

These form part of a range of post graduate higher qualifications developed by the College of Optometrists.

Click here for more information on Optometric higher qualifications .

Hospital Optometrists Annual Conference 2018

The 2018 Hospital Optometrists Annual Conference took place in Stratford over the weekend of the 20th to 21st of October, attended by Hospital optometrists from all over the country, including members of the Optometry department at Leeds. Several optometrists from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust were involved in giving lectures and running workshops.

Congratulations to Jessica Corrie, Resident Optometrist and her colleagues who were runners up in the best conference poster award for their poster on the development of the Optometry led Iritis clinic at Leeds.

Hospital Optometry

Consultant Optometrists and Heads of Optometry Services across the country discuss their experiences of a career in Hospital optometry in a video filmed by Optometry Tomorrow at the 2015 Hospital Optometrists Annual Conference.

Please note that this video will play from the Association of Optometrists YouTube site

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Dispensing service

We are the only hospital department in the Yorkshire area able to offer a specialised hospital based spectacle dispensing service to the Trust's Optometry and Ophthalmology patients, as such we also receive tertiary referrals for complex spectacle dispensing from other hospital eye departments around Yorkshire.

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Pre-Registration Optometrist

Our newest Pre-Registration Optometrist started her thirteen month training contract with us at the beginning of July 2018.

Our previous two Pre-Registration Optometrists having successfully completed their final exams in July 2018 and July 2017 completing their Pre-registration period (PRP) are now working for us as a qualified optometrist in our Resident Optometrist role.

We appointed for the next Pre-Registration Optometrist post commencing in July 2019 back in May 2018.

In order to become a registered Optometrist you must successfully complete a degree in Optometry followed by a period of supervised training in an Optometry practice, with a number of assessments and a final practical examination.

The Optometry department at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is one of only a few hospital Optometry departments that employs a Pre-registration Optometrist annually. At present on a fixed term thirteen month training contract, usually from August to the end of August of the following year.

Click here to find out more about our Pre-registration year.