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Optometry services

We restarted most of our services on Tuesday the 26th of May 2020 and we are seeing patients for routine appointments

The Optometry team have identified and prioritised patients who needed to be seen when services re started and we will be contacting patients to arrange appropriate appointments.

We are once again providing optometry clinics in the eye clinic in Chancellors wing having temporarily moved out on Monday the 6th of April 2020 to release space for the emergency department.

We provide a range of specialised Hospital based optometry services including:

  • Specialist  refraction and prescribing of corrective lenses and specialist measurement of vision and visual acuity.

There is more information on our refraction service web page.

  • Adult and paediatric low vision aid (LVA) assessments and follow up.

There is more information on our Low Vision aid web page.

  • Specialist "clinically necessary" contact lens fitting and assessment.

there is more information on our contact lens service web page.

  • Optometric support for a range of enhanced services including glaucoma, anterior segment, acute referral, post operative cataract, Intra-vitreal injection service, Medical Retina, BIO and YAG laser clinics.
  • Optometric involvement in joint Orthoptic and Optometry clinics in both community centres and the acute Trust.

there is more information on our Orthoptic and Optometry clinics web page.

  • Optometric support for St. James's Laser Vision.

There is more information on our  St. James's Laser Vision web page.

  • Optometric support for research.

there is more information about our involvement in research on our research web page

Optical prescriptions issued by Optometrists and Ophthalmologists can normally be dispensed by our Dispensing opticians, at St. James's University Hospital, where a wide variety of spectacles are supplied and repaired. This service is also extended to In-patients. Specialised work such as the supply of ptosis props, low vision aids and safety spectacles is also carried out.

However during the recovery period from the COVID-19 response we are only able to provide a limited dispensing service.

There is more information on our dispensing service web page