The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Making an appointment

The e-Referrals Service (eRS)

All referrals from GPs into the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust now come via an online system called the e-Referrals Service (eRS).  If, after attending your appointment, your GP decides that you need to be seen by a Consultant you will receive a letter which contains a Unique Booking Reference Number (UBRN) and password.  The letter may be given to you at the GP practice or you may receive this later in the post.

The letter will contain a telephone number inviting you to ring the Referral & Booking Service (RBS) within the Trust to activate your referral which is the first stage in the process.  Once relevant information has been checked, a member of the RBS team will access your referral and send this to the Consultant to read and make a decision on how best to treat your particular condition.  Once RBS have received this information from the Consultant they will place you on a waiting list and subsequently contact you when it is time to arrange your appointment.

Wherever possible, RBS will attempt to contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for you to be seen, depending upon the clinic that the Consultant has decided best meets your care needs.  An appointment letter will be sent from the Leeds Teaching Hospital confirming the location/site of your appointment.