The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

When I arrive at the hospital

On arrival, please check-in for your appointment using one of the self-service kiosks which will then tell you where your appointment is and direct you to the appropriate waiting area.  If you prefer, you may also check-in with the Receptionist.

If your contact details have changed since your last appointment then please mention this to the Receptionist when checking in or to the nurse or doctor during your consultation.

Please allow sufficient time for your appointment.  Although we aim to keep to see you at your allocated time slot, there can sometimes be delays.  On occasion, it may also appear that patients arriving after you are being seen earlier, but there are often more than one clinic running at the same time using the same waiting areas.  If you do arrive prior to your allocated appointment slot this will not mean that you are seen any sooner.

Your Outpatient appointment will take place within a private room.  Each Consultant is supported by a team of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.  You may therefore not necessarily see the same doctor or healthcare professional at each visit.

As this is a teaching hospital, medical students may be present at your consultation.  If you would prefer that medical students were not present then please tell the nurse or doctor.